The Real Fun of Art Collecting….

The popular image of an art collector, is a high powered financial mover and shaker using the art world as just one of many venues through which a fortune can be amassed. But the majority of art collectors are passionate about the avocation because of other reasons besides the financial side of their “investment” in fine art.

The truth is the art market is extremely volatile and hard to navigate if your only reason for buying great art is to turn it around for a great profit. So if you are changing from an art lover to becoming a true collector, there are many good reasons to dive head first into the world of art collecting that are above and beyond the simple financial transitions that happen in the life of a collector.

A little-known fact is that the life of an art collector is full of adventure and, for lack of a better word, fun that makes the hobby or pastime art collecting fascinating, challenging and enjoyable. Some of the reasons art collection is such an exciting venture include…

  • Art itself is exciting. Great art can sweep you away into the world of the artist’s imagination and touch you in ways no other form of communication can. You can have an entire adventure standing quietly before a stationary canvas as your soul takes off with the message the artist sends to you through his artwork.
  • The art world is exotic and full of eccentric individuals. Because the art world is full of creative people, you will socialize with colorful and exotic personalities. You’re friends may be great artists, dealers and others who make the art world tick. 
  • Meeting artists of works you admire is the ultimate “fan” experience. You will have to learn to “be cool” as great artists and other art world personalities become part of your normal social circle. Your experience will be more than just getting an autograph as you socialize as an equal with the most creative elements of society.
  •  Art is a mirror of society. Artists confront the great issues of our time in their work. The conversations in late night café’s and bars with artists struggling with great social and philosophical issues will be tremendously stimulating.
  •  The culture of the art world is full of scandal and intrigue. The gossip of who is seeing who and how the loves and loyalties of artists, dealers and big collectors affect big art events will be fascinating to observe close up and even become a part of over time.

When you make that transition from observer and “fan” of great art, to art collecting, your status changes from audience to citizen of this big, artistic community that is so full of life, fun and activity. You will become caught up in the whirlwind world of exhibits, shows, gallery events, private viewings and out of the way social gatherings where the real thought that makes the art world alive and constantly changing takes place. You actually become part of contemporary art history as a collector because it is you that artists seek to impress and who they look to for guidance and new ideas. By “rubbing elbows” with artists, dealers and the many other “denizens” of this exciting world, you become a first-person witness to the actual creation of new art, art which you can then go on to collect.

These opportunities are unique to art collecting and will provide you with fun and excitement that will more than overshadow any financial investment issues that are part of your art collecting experience. You will never look back when you step over that threshold and become an art collector – for the fun of it.

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