Machete MenMachete Men
On sale

Machete Men

$69.97 $100
#01 - Pour**#01 - Pour**

#01 - Pour**

From $154.97
On sale


$69.97 $100
Front Street**Front Street**
On sale

Front Street**

$69.97 $100
On sale


$79.97 $110
#08 - Pour**#08 - Pour**

#08 - Pour**

From $154.97
High Heel**High Heel**
On sale

High Heel**

$74.97 $110
#13 - Pour**#13 - Pour**

#13 - Pour**

From $154.97
Nite Out**Nite Out**
On sale

Nite Out**

$74.97 $110
On sale


$69.97 $100
Giraffe 2**Giraffe 2**
On sale

Giraffe 2**

$69.97 $100


From $94.97

"An Art Innovator" - taking what is established and through deconstruction, finding new approaches to achieve results.

"Photo Artistry"- Distorted Realism

This new and innovative technique allows the ability to capture and emit, bold, beautiful and vibrant colours. 

Each of Joan’s creations originates from a photo. An innovative way of layering, blending and applying various effects and filter, thus allowing her to create limited edition works that are printed on Fine Art canvas.

"Pours on Canvas" 

Inspired by the exotic tribal aesthetics of African fabric. Joan, with the daring use of bright bold colours creates original contemporary, idiosyncratic designs and patterns by pouring, dripping and spilling acrylic paint onto small canvases.

These original little acrylic gems are now available in three (3) larger sizes as canvas giclees.

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Great Art Can Change Us….

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